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For our last week before the Symposium, we will be discussing
public policy and how it pertains to the way that Americans treat
drug abuse and treatment policies. Returning to our Week 4
discussion, our most current debates surround the legalization of
marijuana. I personally recall this debate throughout high school
debate classes and well into my own undergraduate degree. What is
shocking to me is that there has finally been some movement in many
states . Check out these sites to learn more:

What are your thoughts on legalization of marijuana? Why or why

What are your thoughts on legalization of ALL drugs? Why or why

As someone with a child with a medical condition that can be
successfully treated with marijuana, I am frequently asked if that
has changed my views on legalization. Do YOU think your thoughts
would change if marijuana or another illegal substance was found to
successfully treat your condition or the condition of a loved one?
Do you set limits on how severe the condition would need to be?
Only for some conditions or all? (hint: marijuana for example has
been shown successful for increasing appetite and nausea reduction
for AIDS and cancer suffers, reducing eye pain from the pressure of
glaucoma, and seizure reduction for epileptics. Are all equally as
important in your eyes?

Has the “War on Drugs” been successful in your view? Why or why

Should we continue incarcerating individuals for drug use? If
not, what should be done as an alternative? If yes, why do you
think we should continue this practice?

Have your opinions changed since the beginning of this course?
Why or why not?